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Criminal Law

Extensive Criminal Law practice and a complete understanding of the needs of our clients allows us to represent them aggressively and zealously in criminal matters, but still be sensitive to the difficult time the client and their family may be going through. While we always seek to give our clients the best possible advice on how to handle these matters, all decisions on how to proceed in a criminal matter will be made together with the client.

Felony Cases

We represent clients in Montgomery, Greene, and all surrounding counties in felony criminal matters. We deal with cases including, but not limited to:

Misdemeanor Cases

Generally found in the local municipal courts, Misdemeanors are crimes that can carry up to a $1,000.00 fine and no more than 6 months in jail. The most common misdemeanor charges are:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are “Mandatory Minimums” in a DUI case?

Mandatory minimums are the minimum penalties that you are facing if you are charged with a first-time DUI. They are: a $250.00 fine, a 6-month license suspension, 3 days in jail or a 3 day sentence at an alcohol intervention program and 6 points on your license. If your blood alcohol level is greater than .17, the penalties are increased.

What is Community Control?

Community Control is the proper term in Ohio criminal cases for what used to be known as “probation”. It means that rather than serving a jail sentence, you will be monitored by the Court, and will be required to meet certain conditions if you wish to avoid a jail sentence. Receiving a community control sanction will depend on many factors, including your past record, the severity of the crime, and the damage to any victims.

Do the Police have to read me my rights?

No. At least not unless they are going to interrogate you. Your best bet though, is to say nothing, or as little as possible, until you have consulted with an attorney.